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Leadership is not a noun.  It's a commitment over time to serve, grow, try new things, fail, and grow more.

At ORIANA solutions, we recognize the needs for coaching and growth are as individual as the leaders themselves.  We offer highly customizable coaching, mentoring, and thought partnership relationships for leaders at every level.  We specialize in working with leaders and companies who embrace the idea of change but need a partner in making it happen. 

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Leadership Coaching

For executives and individuals who aspire to be leaders, ORIANA solutions offers tailored coaching to help you refine your effectiveness as a leader, achieve your goals, and remove obstacles in your way. Recommended as a series of sessions, coaching can be booked by an individual or a company seeking to offer this as a benefit to their employees. 

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For aspiring leaders and small groups, ORIANA solutions offers mentoring to help clients receive guidance on career direction and achieve growth. Also, recommended as a series of sessions, a mentoring relationship can be booked by an individual or a company wanting to offer this to their employees in individual or group sessions.

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Thought Partnership

For executives and groups of executives, ORIANA solutions offers challenging, divergent, and unconventionally wise thought partnership sessions.  Recommended as a series of sessions, our approach will typically center around an idea, problem, or desired direction. Thought partnership engagements can be booked by an individual or professional associations, boards, or cross-sector leaders with a common challenge.

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Aspiring Leaders
Aspiring Leaders
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Deb’s professional coaching really helped me take my leadership to the next level.  She really helped me define my leadership style of meeting each person “where they are today – maturity, experience, etc.,” and adapting my leadership methods to get each person “to where the organization needed each of them to be.” 

Everyone seems to know how to use one tool in their belt – for me it was the hammer - but we worked together to appreciate all the tools in the toolbelt – the screw driver for prying the employee out of their comfort zone and helping them reach their unseen potential, the file for smoothing off the rough edges of a bright and highly motivated employee who needs to learn tact and professionalism, and the measuring tape ensuring we’ve measured twice and cut once, and ensured all the stakeholders have been engaged and heard before instituting organizational change.

Two university Vice President positions later, I would say these enhanced leadership skills were instrumental in my selection and success in these positions."

John – Executive Leader in Academia

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