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Thought Partnership

We spend time understanding you, your organization, your needs, and your concerns through conversation, landscape analysis, and research. Each step is a collaborative, discussion-based process so we can help you identify your vision in an actionable way.

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Translating Vision Into Strategy

We analyze all the elements of a vision and what it will take to achieve it, and then dive deep into creating a strategy that gives priority and shape to that vision. We partner with you to form the key strategies and direction of work. This makes a vision truly actionable, giving rise to your ideas in a pragmatic process.


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Strategy alone does not create change. We design programs or programmatic elements that are action-oriented steps in solving problems. Hand-in-hand with other partners, implementing these programs are the building blocks of meeting need, creating community change, and rising up to achieve your vision.

Program Design For Impact


At ORIANA solutions we give rise to communities through thought partnership, translation of vision to strategy, and program design that creates impact. We work across sectors to engage, ideate, solve, build, and implement in partnership with you. We revel in complex challenges and work in a thoughtful way alongside you to bridge your biggest needs with your brightest ideas. For a list of our services, please click here.


Our engagement with you can take shape in any number of ways, yet we find a stepped approach to driving change, meeting needs, and creating outcomes is ideal.

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Strategic Partnership Building

The most impactful and persevering solutions come as a result of partnerships.

We specialize in connecting organizations across sectors, facilitating shared-purpose work, leveraging the unique strengths of the sectors and organizations, and fostering a program design that serves all.

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how we help

Our solutions for nonprofits include:

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Conference Presentations

  • Strategic Planning

  • Facilitation and Workshops

  • Leadership Coaching and Development

  • Board Development

  • Leadership Transition

  • Strategic Program Design

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Brand Management

  • Grant Writing Workshops

  • Fundraising and Community Relations

  • IT Strategic Planning

  • Technology Assessment

We are happy to refer you to colleagues for:

  • Executive Search

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Volunteer Engagement

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When it was time for our humane society to develop our most recent strategic plan we decided to search for an outside facilitator.  Eventually we selected Deborah Turcott, Principal of ORIANA solutions, and we are so glad we did!


Deb’s business acumen, combined with her knowledge of shelter best practices, provided credible leadership and a  practical approach to our planning sessions.   Deb has the ability to challenge the group think in the room while keeping the focus on what is best for an organization.   Utilizing a data driven presentation that is both revealing and engaging, Deb facilitated our most productive and interactive retreat in the past 15 years.


The result was a three year strategic plan that featuring achievable goals combined with a business model focusing on accountability, transparency and sound fiscal management.  While implementing the phases of this plan we have managed our growth and achieved better outcomes for all our programs and services.


One of Deb’s many strengths is her ability to truly listen to all participants at the table, which sets her apart from so many in her field.  If you are looking to engage with a solutions provider that does their homework, genuinely cares about the partnership, and can also meet an organization where you are today – and get you where you want to go tomorrow, Deborah Turcott and ORIANA solutions will deliver and surpass your expectations."

Frank– Non-Profit CEO

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