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We bring together great minds and professional experiences to serve as your partners, collaborating on strategy, solution design and implementation, and advancing complex goals or business plans.  We customize the project team for your specific needs as we work alongside you and aim to feel more like an extension of your internal team than a consulting firm.

Deborah Turcott
Founder and Principal
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An action-oriented, big thinker who bridges gaps between current issues and creative yet practical solutions, Deb has over two decades of executive experience at your disposal. Nothing excites her more than investing in others and she sees possibility in every challenge. With an advantageous skill set that includes an analytical mind and person-centered style, her tenacious approach will help you, your business, or your organization be at its best.

the strategist

Lindsay Del Chiaro

the navigator

A poised and articulate communicator, Lindsay has the gift of evaluating and influencing board design, human capital impact, and corporate responsibility and philanthropy to support a strategic direction.  With extensive experience in community relations and team dynamics, she assists clients through thoughtful planning and communication of their desired change and its effect on employees, partners, and investors.

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Valerie Hall

the steward

An attentive steward of relationships, Valerie has a dynamic skillset that curates thoughtful interactions backed by data driven analytics. With over a decade of experience in relationship and data management her attention to detail and operations focus drives her ability to help you solve problems effectively and efficiently.

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Matthias "Rin" Gorman

the researcher

A master of information and virtual social dynamics, Rin has experience in community-based programming and the anthropological roots to human behavior. His research is the backbone to much of the work the consultant team has to offer individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

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Roger Haston

the futurist

A deep systems thinker with the ability to evaluate, understand and communicate the complexity of business landscapes, Roger utilizes his business, technical and communications skills to help business and non-profits to visualize the challenges and opportunities they face in new and innovative ways. He has a unique ability to use science, data, visualization, humor and emotion to build stories that impact and motivate.

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Robert Cornell

the innovator

A unique value creator with deep technical and business insight, Rob has decades of experience tailoring technology and enterprise solutions.  With a passion for helping businesses and nonprofits leverage technology in new ways to achieve more, Rob helps you harmonize your business and technology opportunities. 

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Michele Talwani

the connector

An emotionally intelligent leader, Michele has a natural ability to create long-standing trusted relationships with executives, donors, investors, and key stakeholders. As a seasoned professional, she has experience in strategic and crisis communications and philanthropy in the social service and financial services nonprofit sector.  

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Jeremiah Beitzel

the deliberator

An astute thought-partner, Jeremiah has the ability to weigh and navigate all elements of a strategic decision. With decades of experience as corporate and nonprofit counsel, he supports clients in their mission-driven and entrepreneurial efforts by balancing risk and opportunity in a solution-oriented approach.

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